AFM BioMed Conference

In 2013 AFMBioMed Summer School is associated with:

The Third COST Action TD1002 Training School, Marcoule 2013 (please use the link)


Guido Caluori
Emilia  Coppari 
Cécile Feraudet-Tarisse 
Julie Fredonnet
Patrick Grysan
Alban  Jonchère
Martina Maase
Daria Malkhova
Maëlle Molmeret
Michka Popoff
Sriharsha Puranik
Valeria Prystopiuk
Carmela  Rianna
Annafrancesca Rigato
Gonzalo Rosso
Anna Rygula
Beatrice  Sampaolese
Maurice van Dalen
Perrine  Van Overtvelt
Luc Vellutini
Chloé Zubieta

As for the previous editions the success of the school will be mainly due to the willingness and the expertise of the trainers and the huge technical support of BRUKER nano our main sponsor.







Platinum Sponsorship